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February 2019 

Theme: A quick look back to 2018 & Views & Insights for 2019


 # Key Management Challenges & Opportunities – Towards 2020 by Dr. Alan Nankervis, Professor of Human Resource Management in the School of 
    Management, Curtin Business School, Curtin University, Australia    

# Defence Cooperation Under The Garb Of Military Diplomacy To Improve Strategic Cooperation Between India & Australia by Sqn Ldr Priyanka Shadangi (Retd), Indian Airforce, India 

# B-Schools- Our Roles, Our Goals In This Globalized World by Dr. Anitha Ramachander, Professor and Director, AIMIT, Bengaluru, India

# Humans, Humans Everywhere- Have We Progressed Fair & Square by Dr. Jayantee Mukherjee Saha, Director, Aei4eiA , Australia

Aei4eiA's Research Snippets: Experts Forum

Snippets on Manpower & Labour Market, HR & Business matters based on Aei4eiA’s research work and experts' opinion.

​Now-a-days, we often hear the following- a) the global socio-economic landscape is changing fast- much faster than anyone would have comprehended even half a decade ago; b) Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity-VUCA, is the new normal and c) the Asia-pacific-region is the new global growth engine and is playing a significant role in establishing the new world order. 

New issues and challenges are emerging that the business leaders, policy makers and others in the field were unfamiliar with in the past. Global bodies, strategists and change-makers are ever exploring ways to manage the dynamism while stabilising the present and securing the future.

In the given context, it has become a necessity for intellectuals and experts to come together and initiate a discussion to address the pressing challenges and pertinent issues that are impacting the 
Manpower & Labour Market | HR & Business. Experts Forum is Aei4eiA's initiative - a confluence of experts from academia and industry to regularly (quarterly) discuss, share views, think and act on above matters through short and succinct snippets.

Aimed at strategists, policy makers, scholars, academicians, HR and business leaders, the
 key objectives of this forum are-
a) To initiate discussions on issues and challenges facing the region (with a focus on Australia, India, Singapore (AIS) and broadly global matters impacting the APAC region).

 b) To generate a repository of expert views/knowledge on matters related to Manpower & Labour Market | HR & Business and 

c) To collaboratively contribute towards sustainable development.​


Leveraging 'People' Power of Sustainability

September 2018

Theme: Strategic International Cooperation for Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Voices, Lessons & Bridges to bolster


# Defence cooperation under the garb of military diplomacy to improve strategic cooperation between India and Australia
    Sqn Ldr Priyanka Shadangi (Retd), Indian Airforce, India

 # Simplification of Banking Business at State Bank of India, Sydney Branch

    Mr. Pranay Kumar, CEO, State Bank of India (SBI) Sydney, Australia

NITI Aayog in India: Emerging from the Shadow

    Mr. Vivek Rai, Quality Council of India, India

​# A quick look at the Aus-India trade cooperation: voices, lessons & bridges to bolster

   Dr. Jayantee Mukherjee Saha, Director, Aei4eiA , Australia