Leveraging 'People' Power of Sustainability

B-Schools- Our roles, our goals in this globalized world  

The year 2018 marked a decade since the world was affected by the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). In this globalized world, as one of the largest democracies and one of the most populous countries in the world, India surely has a key role to play.

The world’s greatest financial meltdown that started early 2008, brought to the fore ineptitude of many giant institutions. It was the greed factor of top executives that doomed many large corporations and changed the rules of the corporate and societal games completely- so changed the issues that corporate leaders needed to address. An important question keeps cropping up as to how many of the corporate leaders could attune themselves to address the desired change in the system.

At this point, one may ponder whether in developing effective leadership for the corporate world B-Schools can shoulder the responsibilities. As an experienced academician and Director, having years of experience in leading B-Schools in India, I can well recognize our responsibilities, role and our goals in the above direction.

When we stroll into any classroom of our elite business schools in India, we very often come across students with qualities that match any of the leading global institutions.
The role of B-Schools is critical. To recall the words of a management practitioner- the challenges to be tackled are four-fold: relevance, sustenance, balance and excellence- in terms of the curriculum and context and in line with the changing global scenario and inter-connectedness.

It is all about the management skills. How well to handle resources and manage constraints. Three management skills that are essential ingredients of leadership include -

   Human skills- Skills dealing with communication and managing interactions among people.

   Conceptual skills- Able to understand the big picture or the collective whole while simplifying unitary                matters.

   Technical skills- To accomplish tasks for those working on the front lines; they are techniques, practices,        tools, and processes.

Above all a leader is a change agent who should bring in a strong sense of institutional building by demonstrating the qualities of effective and efficient leader.

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Dr. Anitha Ramachander

Professor of Management, Director AIMIT, Bengaluru, India


Dr. Anitha has more than two decades of academic experience. She is the Director of a leading B-School in India.

A regular columnist at Deccan Herald, Dr. Anitha has published over 100 publications including books, book chapters, international journal articles and conference papers for publishers. 

She has been conferred the PAUL HARRIS FELLOWSHIP, the highest award of Rotary International, in recognition to the outstanding participation in the Group Study Exchange program in Kentucky, USA. She is also a recipient of International Achievers’ Award 2010-2011 for Education Excellence. The Award was conferred on the occasion of 4th International Achievers’ Summit on “Global Business Opportunities” in Singapore. Indian Achievers Forum in association with Singapore Indian chamber of commerce and Industry (SICCI) and India-Thai Chamber of Commerce honours the outstanding achievers from all over the country and abroad.

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