Australia-India Wing- Updates

​​# Reminiscence: The Unique Wooden Handicrafts From The Ancient Land of Varanasi (2022)

​# Dazzling Dokra: The Ancient Indian Craft & Metallurgical Wonder (2021)

# Charismatic Kangra : The Aristocratic Miniature paintings of India (2021)

# Not Only Zamindar's wife- A relook into the women of Bengal through the eyes of Tagore (2021)

# Maya Fest 2020 (15 September - 15 December 2020)

# Noor-e-Nirmal : The 14th Century Splendour (2020)

Maya Fest 2019 (10 September - 10 December 2019)

# Let's Warli: Togetherness in Action (2019)

#Maya Emporium- Exclusive Darjeeling Tea and Indian Art Gallery opens in Australia(2019)

#Sampoorna: The Brown Beauties of NSW Revisited(2018)

People, Economy, Art, Culture & Environment (PEACE) of the Indian Himalayan Region (2017)

Nature & Natural: The Aristocratic Art of Kangra & the Himalayan Biodiversity (February 2017).

#'Maya of Australia'- Organic Darjeeling Tea forays into Australia. (January 2017).

# 'Experience The First Flush @ Darjeeling: Appreciating The Nature/Nurture Bond'.  This is supported by Incredible India (India Tourism Sydney, Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India) (October 2016).

# Dots 2 Art: Exploring Indian Madhubani Art From The Backyard Of Australian Dot Painting'.  This is supported by Incredible India (India Tourism Sydney, Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India) (June 2016).

# Maya  Caption Contest 2016: Courage of Women and Indian Women launched. This contest is supported byIncredible India(India Tourism Sydney, Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India). (February-March, 2016).

Dr. Jayantee Mukherjee Saha, Director and Principal Consultant, Aei4eiA speaking at the event 'Welcome to My Consulate' co-organised by Consulate General of India Sydney in collaboration with NSW office of Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. [Speech- audio only] [Video presented on 'Indian migration to Australia']. (October, 2015).

# Maya: Indian Women through Indian Art- Social initiative launched (October  2015) to translate our research into action. (October, 2015).

# Merrh-ma~Samanvaya: Socio-Economic Impacts of Indian Migration To Australia - research report released by Consul General of Indian Sydney. (June, 2015).

# Dr. Jayantee Mukherjee Saha, Director and Principal Consultant Aei4eiA recognised for Excellence in Policy Research [more]. (March, 2015).

#'The Brown Beauties of NSW: Indian Women in Australia Series, Issue 1'- Research report released. (November, 2014).

# Our recently published research study Experience Australia: Reflections from the Indian Community tells the story of a migrant community's role, contributions, issues and challenges in the sustainable development of Australia. (November, 2013).

# Aei4eiA has submitted its response to the Australian Federal Government's White Paper on Australia in the Asian Century- titled'Hard Work, Warm Hearts: Australia’s success mantra to shine with India'. (March, 2012).

The primary role of Australia-India Wing is to conduct evidence-based research and initiatives on pertinent issues/matters related to India and Australia. The underlying objectives are to help foster trade and bilateral relationship between India and Australia, highlighting the potential of Indian community in Australia and positively impacting the broader Australian community.

Today, Indian Community is one of the fastest growing communities in Australia. There are over 700,000 people of Indian origin who call Australia home (Census, 2016). India has recently been identified as one of the key regional nations that are most important to Australia and both countries claim to be open for business. These developments look promising.

The joint statements by the then Australian Prime Minister Hon. Tony Abbott and Indian Prime Minister Hon. Narendra Modi (who visited Australia in 2014) summarises the strengths, potential and mutual benefits that both the countries could reap by coming closer.

“….India, as we know, is one of the world's emerging super powers. India, I often say, is the emerging democratic super power of Asia. We in Australia tend to associate India with cricket and with sport. That's important, but we can never forget that India is an intellectual powerhouse, a potential economic powerhouse. IT, science, medicine, research; these are all great strengths of India's and they can be great strengths for Australia as well if our relationship develops as it should.…Priority for Australia is a comprehensive economic partnership agreement with India… more trade, more jobs, more prosperity for our two countries….” - Hon. Tony Abbott.

“…This is a natural partnership emerging from our shared values and interests and strategic maritime locations. India and Australia have a great economic synergy. There are huge opportunities for a partnership in every area we can think of; agriculture, agroproceessing, resources, energy, finance, infrastructure, education and science and technology”-
Hon. Narendra Modi.


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