Leveraging 'People' Power of Sustainability

We talked about- Warli- the place and the people, Evolution and Historical background of the Warlis- From the Stone Age till date, The Rituals and Rites of the Warlis, The motifs and patterns in Warli art and the Warlis and their journey towards Sustainable development....

We are thankful to
SBI Australia notably Mr. Pranay Kumar (CEO) and his team for their kind support. In his foreword Mr. Kumar says, "It is my pleasure to be supportive of Aei4eiA’s project Let’s Warli - Togetherness in Action. Warli art is incredibly fascinating - it is interesting to know how much meaning is hidden behind an art form. By starting this project, Dr. Jayantee Mukherjee Saha has given an insight into the history of the Warli art form. I believe that this project will help us enhance our understanding of this art form, but not only educate us about the cultural meaning and history behind the art, but also enlighten us by sharing the unique culture of the Warlis".

We also sincerely thank
Ms. Phiroza Tafti, Heritage activist, Convenor INTACH (The Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage), Dahanu for sharing her experiences, observations and insights with us. She says, "Struggling to survive the onslaughts of a globalised modern world, their rich oral cultural traditions are being lost. Their journey has been passed down as ORAL Stories. This rich FOLKLORE should be published/documented or it will lose its original form".

This whole project would not have been complete without the tireless efforts of our Indigenous artists
Mr. Vijay Vadu and Mr. Ganesh Vangad from Dahanu, Maharashtra, India. Their wonderful creations, invaluable knowledge about this ingenious art form and eagerness to communicate and share their stories is simply unparalleled.

We would also like to acknowledge the contributions of the officials, scholars, artists and all others who helped in safekeeping and nurturing this ancient art form. We would also like to thank our art patrons and supporters without whose encouragement this initiative would not have been possible.

"In this ever-changing modern world, for these indigenous artists to continue their priceless creations, the economic incentives need to tally with their efforts. As a small contribution towards supporting the artists, throughout the past year we made over hundred acquisitions of their artworks and introduced them to the Australian art lovers. Our work continues in this direction as we understand more needs to be done to help conserve this unique art and heritage while supporting the artists to continue creating these masterpieces. And, we continue to say, Let's Warli!”, concludes                  Dr. Jayantee Mukherjee Saha, Director Aei4eiA and author of the publication.

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Our research report- "Let’s Warli: Togetherness In Action!"  is now published.

Warli art is a unique indigenous art form that got its name from Warli tribes living in the mountainous and coastal region of Dahanu and Palghar district of Maharashtra, in Western India. Warli Culture is believed to have originated in 2500 to 3000 BCE. The paintings resemble pre-historic cave paintings and use a set of geometric shapes symbolic of different elements of nature. To quote Jivya Soma Mashe (Noted indigenous Warli artist who was the first to popularise the art form) “Our history is not written, it is drawn: we tell you stories, we tell you about our life.”

Let's Warli: Togetherness In Action, is an Aei4eiA initiative to support and encourage the indigenous Warli artists and help conserve this ingenious art form. This is a first of its kind project conducted from Australia which is based on the eco-system model of encouraging key stakeholders to participate and be part of the story. This publication is a glimpse into the inner world of the Warlis which may serve as a basis for future research and action in the subject.

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Let’s Warli! : Togetherness In Action

Warli art is a unique indigenous art form that got its name from Warli tribes of the Indian state of Maharashtra. This art form has a close connection with the Neolithic cave/rock paintings of Central India dating back to 3000 to 2500 BCE.

It is protected with
Geographical Indication (GI) - which means not any artworks can be called as Warli art if it does not originate from that specific region. We believe that this is an extraordinary piece of heritage to be conserved for the world. We have collaborated with the indigenous Warli artists to bring the art in its original form to Australia.

​ISBN: 9780994592934