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Experience Australia:

Reflections from the Indian Community

Through this almost a year-long research, we have tapped into the experiences of a variety of people of Indian origin living in Australia that include eminent scientists, social activists, medical professionals, policy makers, business men, academics and IT professionals while simultaneously gathering enormous amount of secondary data.

Their range of responses from
apprehension to agony, to acclamation along with other factual data makes this report a repository of information and collection of sentiments. After all, it’s all about अनुभव – Experience Australia: Reflections from the Indian Community.

In The News

The study was widely reported globally.

Featured in the 1 December 2013 issue
Indian Link (One of Australia’s leading ethnic newspapers with presence in all major capital cities of Australia with 72 editions printed a year, a print run of 44,000 per month with an estimated readership of over 160,000 per edition). [PDF version of the article]

What Indians think about living and working in Australia
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ISBN-10: 0-646-91254-2 (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 978-0-646-91254-7 (Paperback)
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