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Our People

At Aei4eiA, we believe in the power of positivity and the ability to co-create a sustainable future by leveraging people power

Our pool of specialists (from industry as well as academia) and team members bring their passion and expertise to enrich work outcomes. Contact Us to discuss how you could team up with us.

Aei4eiA's Turns 10- June 2021

Dr. Jayantee Mukherjee Sahais Founder & Director of Aei4eiA Pty Ltd. Jayantee has extensive international experience in the fields of business strategies, management/policy research, international trade & development. She believes in translating research into action. She has held senior positions with professional bodies and academic institutions and has been working closely with Government/public sector agencies, MNCs/SMEs, professional bodies and academic institutions spread primarily across the Asia Pacific region.

In order to promote trade & bilateral relations between Australia & India, she spearheaded the effort to establish collaboration between Aei4eiA & Darjeeling tea industry experts (in India) to import & introduce premium ORGANIC DARJEELING TEA (directly from renowned tea plantations) to Australia under the brand name Maya of Australia®, thereby supporting organic farming movement and sustainable development practices. Here’s more about Mayaof Australia- Organic Darjeeling Tea(a brand of Aei4eiA).
She has over 70 publications, including three books, to her credit. Her work has been widely acclaimed by practitioners and scholars alike. (the web presence of the renowned United Nations' Global Compact International Yearbook) listed her book titled- "Succeed or Sink: Business Sustainability Under Globalisation" (Elsevier publication, Oxford, 2011) as one of the resources to help organsiations build their capability in areas of corporate social responsibility and business sustainability. The book was also nominated for 'The International Convention of Asia Scholars' (ICAS) Book Prize 2013.

Commenting on her published book, ‘The Changing Role of Human Resources in the Asia Pacific Region’, (Elsevier publication, Oxford, 2015) Prof. Peter Cappelli, Director, Center for Human Resources at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania says ..."The story in this volume is a positive one about how good employment principles that have been developed elsewhere can both transform the burgeoning businesses in Asia and also the communities where they operate. It is a story that deserves to be taken seriously, not just by employers but by policy makers in those countries and the international agencies that advise them”.  “For soldiers and generals alike, Jayantee has produced a master piece. One can ignore the wisdom only at one’s own peril”, says Mr. Prabir Jha, President & Group CHRO, Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), India.

She takes active interest in Social Justice Causes (that include employment and labour market, women's economic empowerment, multicultural diversity and inclusiveness) and believes Social Justice and Sustainability are interlinked.

 She holds-
PhD (Management); MPhil. (Management); MBA (Human Resources Management); BSc. (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics); Certificate in Human Rights; Certificate in ‘Towards an inclusive society: how to tackle discrimination in the world of work’, conducted by the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

She can be contacted at

Aei4eiA®  Pvt Ltd is an Australian company focusing on 'People and Sustainable development' matters.  The name Aei4eiA is derived from the Greek  word  'Aieforeia' meaning sustainability. Founded in 2011, we are into socio-economic researchcommodity trade (Maya of Australia®-Organic Darjeeling tea) and Indian arts (Maya Indian Arts). We believe in translating our researches into action.  Please visit us at 'Maya Emporium'- our exclusive Darjeeling Tea and Indian art gallery to experience the same...

We also have a strong focus on bringing Australia and India closer through trade, research, advocacy and innovative initiatives.

Our areas of focus are- 

a) Aei4eiA Research​

Our research and publications prompt intellectuals, policy makers, business leaders and curious minds to think and act. We regularly publish Experts' Forum- a confluence of experts from academia and industry to discuss, share views, think and act on contemporary matters related to Manpower & Labour Market | HR & Business...

i) To initiate discussions on issues and challenges facing the region (with a focus on Australia, India, Singapore (AIS) and broadly global matters impacting the Indo-Pacific region).

ii) To generate a repository of expert views/knowledge on matters related to Manpower & Labour Market | HR & Business and 

iii) To collaboratively contribute towards sustainable development.​​

b) Darjeeling Tea Trade
Our unique mission of bringing authentic, pure, organic, single origin, single estate, Darjeeling tea to discerning tea lovers in Australia. Maya of Australia ® our brand of fine Darjeeling tea was thus born. Here's [more...].

​c) Authentic Indian Art

Maya Indian Arts (a brand of Aei4eiA®), evolved from our social initiative ‘Maya: Indian Women Through Indian Art’. With a focus on women's economic empowerment as a means for sustainable development, this initiative was started. It aimed to create a sustainable ecosystem to highlight the potential of Indian women- not only as a ready pool of talent but also possible creator of opportunities. Here's [more]...

We also have a strong focus on bringing Australia and India  closer together through trade, research, advocacy and innovative initiatives. Here's more about our Australia-India Wing. The underlying objectives are to-

i) Help foster trade and bilateral relationship between India and Australia,

ii) Highlighting the potential of Indian community in Australia and

 iii)Positively impacting the broader Australian community.

d) Aei4eiA ObSeRvE: Our business humour corner providing unique solutions to workplace issues and challenges. 

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