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Succeed or Sink: Business Sustainability Under Globalisation


ISBN-10: 0857091662

ISBN-13: 978-0857091666
Publisher: Elsevier, Oxford, UK
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Aei4eiA's Research on Manpower & Labour Market | HR & Business

The popular quote by Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (Scientist/Nobel laureate in medicine) goes, “Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought”.

Aei4eiA's research on Manpower & Labour Market| HR & Business helps to bring to the fore industry specific best practices and insights, prompts intellectuals, business leaders, change makers and curious minds to think & act.

Our research and publications are well recognized and are endorsed by global experts from industry and academia.

Here is a quick view to a few of our recent works

The Changing Role Of The Human Resource Profession In The Asia Pacific Region[More]

ISBN-10: 0857094750

ISBN-13: 978-0857094759
Publisher: Elsevier, Oxford, UK
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Aei4eiA's Research Snippets

Snippets on Manpower & Labour Market, HR & Business matters based on Aei4eiA’s research work and experts' opinion.