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​​Aei4eiA's Research Snippets: Experts Forum

Snippets on Business & Economy Manpower & Labour Market, matters based on Aei4eiA’s research work and experts' opinion.

​Now-a-days, we often hear the following- a) the global socio-economic landscape is changing fast- much faster than anyone would have comprehended even half a decade ago; b) Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity-VUCA, is the new normal and c) the Indo-pacific-region is the new global growth engine and is playing a significant role in establishing the new world order. 

On a regular basis, new issues and challenges are emerging that the business leaders, policy makers and others in the field were unfamiliar with in the past. Global bodies, strategists and change-makers are ever exploring ways to manage the dynamism while stabilising the present and securing the future.

In the given context, it has become a necessity for intellectuals and experts to come together and initiate a discussion to address the pressing challenges and pertinent issues that are impacting the 
Manpower & Labour Market | Business & Economy. Experts Forum is Aei4eiA's initiative - a confluence of experts from academia and industry to regularly discuss, share views, think and act on above matters through short and succinct snippets.

Aimed at strategists, policy makers, scholars, academicians, HR and business leaders, the
 key objectives of this forum are-
a) To initiate discussions on issues and challenges facing the region (with a focus on Australia, India, Singapore (AIS) and broadly global matters impacting the APAC region).

b) To generate a repository of expert views/knowledge on matters related to Manpower & Labour Market | Business & Economy and 

c) To collaboratively contribute towards sustainable development.​

​​Jan-Mar 2023

​​​​​​​Theme: #NamasteMate: Australia-India Relations In A Renewed Light, Lessons Learnt And Way Forward


Key Highlights: ​With this progress in the Australia-India relations, there would be interests and enhanced curiosity within the Australian business community (especially the small and medium scale) to learn more about how to do business with Indian counterpart, at the ground level.  Reaching this point took many efforts, clearing barriers and crossing many obstacles. However, beyond this juncture, for the sanctity of the purpose, for mutual benefits, integrity and ingenuity of thoughts and actions should be the benchmark of progress. Hence, based on the lessons learnt from our vast experience in this space (Advocacy, Trade and People-To-People links), experts discussed more on the theme. Here's more what 

​Mr. Rajesh Pillai, CEO, Union Bank of India, Sydney Branch, Australia

Prof. Raghbendra Jha, Emeritus Professor of Economics, Australian National University 

Prof. Subhasis Ray, Professor of Sustainability/Marketing, Xavier Institute of Management (XIMB), XIM University, India and Dr. Jayantee Mukherjee Saha, Director, Aei4eiA has to say.....

​​Oct - Dec 2023

​​​​​​​Theme: Where To From Now: Is The World Today Seesawing Between High Hopes And Chaos?


Key Highlights: We started this year on a promising note with global leaders joining hands, speaking a common language to make the world a better place to live in. There were high hopes, and a sentiment of positivity flew around the business and economic sphere, especially after the torment inflicted COVID years. The sentiment of growth and prospect of better future ran high and reached peak until the cracks appeared in spheres including global peace impacted by the ongoing wars, spiraling interest rates, uncontrolled inflations, dwindling economies, a sense of insecurity among the mass population and more. The question now is "Where To From Now: Is The World Today Seesawing Between High Hopes And Chaos?".

We discuss and analyse the same in the above context. Read the insightful thoughts of the experts notably Prof. Raghbendra Jha, Emeritus Professor of Economics, Australian National University who aptly identified the"Challenges for Global Economic Growth"and an analytical view by Dr. Jayantee Mukherjee Saha, Director, Aei4eiA titled, "When Bosses Rule And Leaders Subside: A Quick View Of Global Economy And Its Repercussion On Human Lives And Sustainable Development".

Finally, we summarise the year with a note to ponder upon whether as a civil society shall we stay calm, as perhaps, there is no "hole on my side of the boat…YET" and allow any progressive thoughts to seemlessly enter into a black hole? or shall we say, Youth....Wake up, rise and save your tomorow for the elders failed....  I