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​​Jul-Aug 2022

​​​​​​​Theme: Recession Matters: Labour Market, Trade And The Role Of Geopolitics


Key Highlights: Our August 2022 of Expert's Forum is now published. Two of the leading economists of the Indo-Pacific Region shares their insightful views on the theme, and more.

A recession is usually defined as a business cycle contraction when there is a general decline in economic activity. It may last for months or even years impacting multiple thematic areas including labour market, skills development, trade, business and community. The social and economic costs of recessions can be large and persistent. It has happened before and there are many known challenges. During these phases, there is a general tendency to develop a negative sentiment both at the micro as well as the macro levels, which might eventually prolong the period of recession. With a learned and proactive approach, could we not shorten the phase of recession and help revive the economy sooner? What role could geopolitics play in this context to make things better for all? 

In this issue, read Prof. Raghbendra Jha, Professor Emeritus of Economics, Australian National University share his thought provoking views on Recession Matters: Labour Market, Trade And The Role Of Geopolitics,  Dr Amitendu Palit, Senior Research Fellow and Research Lead (Trade and Economics) at the Institute of South Asian Studies, National University of Singapore assesses The Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF): Will it be a Game-Changer for regional businesses?

and Dr. Jayantee Mukherjee Saha, Founder & Director Aei4eiA's  article- Focus on Integrity & Fair Practices: The Need Of The Hour To Combat Recession & Promote Sustainable Development

​​Nov- Dec 2022

​​​​​​​Theme: No Safe Haven: Relooking Into The Business & Economic Goals While De-coding The Recipe Of Not Loosing Track


Key Highlights: Our Dec 2022 of Expert's Forum is now published. Leading  experts from three continents shares their insightful views on the theme, and more.

This year has been extraordinarily turbulent. Globally, for businesses and economies it was time to realise that there is no safe haven for them and that they have to constantly build strength while looking out for methods to adapt to not only the Post-COVID business requirements, renewed stakeholder expectations but also traverse through the consequent chaos that these never-seen-before situations are posing. 

Here is a list of twenty one mind-streching keywords that we have come across this year (not in any chronological order)-
post-COVID world, macroeconomic downturn, budget and cash flow, inflation, interest rates, job cuts, recession, cooling housing market, lower consumer confidence, trade, cross-border collaborations, geopolitics, supply chain disruption, integrity and tranparency, public money management, digital economy, climate action, data security, war, re-skilling workforce and hybrid workplaces. 

Given that the businesses and economies will not remain stagnant but will move ahead innovating newer methods to survive, seizing opportunities to put themselves back on the growth trajectory, we plan to ponder and free-wheel as to how have you dealt with the some of the above and the future you envision.
In the above context, thus, we discuss and analyse- "No Safe Haven: Relooking Into The Business & Economic Goals While De-coding The Recipe Of Not Loosing Track"  

In this issue, read leading International Trade Finance expert Mr. Flemming Lippert, Senior Trade Finance Advisor at Nykredit Bank A/S, Denmark​ share his thought provoking views in his article- The one word! … and the Green Agenda! , Dr. Tapan Nayak,  
Head ISBR College UG Campus Bangalore
's advice to  
Let’s Be Happy: Increasing Alertness Of A New Product And Positive Effect For Innovation

and Dr. Jayantee Mukherjee Saha, Founder & Director Aei4eiA's  article- The Geo-political Influence And The Ever-Evolving Ethical Dilemmas In The Changing Business Environment

​​Jan-Mar 2022

​​​​​​​Theme: Immigration and Labour Market Dynamics In The Post-COVID World


Key Highlights: Immigration is the international movement of people away from the country of their birth to a destination country where they perceive their future lies. There are an estimated 272 million international migrants (3.5% of the world’s population) around the world (WEF, 2020). With these mobility, societal dynamics changes, altered consumer behaviour surfaces, human resource life cycle and new labour market dynamics emerges. Having impacted human movements, the pandemic-phase has further added new dimensions to this ever-evolving domain. 

This first issue of the year has some very interesting and thought provoking pieces. Read Prof. Raghbendra Jha, Professor Emeritus of Economics, Australian National University share his insight on Migration and Labour Market Trends in Australia,Academician turned Entrepreneur  Dr. Anitha Ramachander, India sharing her thoughts on Exploring The Newer Horizon: Immigration and Labour Market Dynamics In The Post-COVID World and Dr. Jayantee Mukherjee Saha, Founder & Director Aei4eiA's  article Vested or Invested: Immigration And Labour Market Dynamics In The Post-COVID World

​​Aei4eiA's Research Snippets: Experts Forum

Snippets on Manpower & Labour Market, HR & Business matters based on Aei4eiA’s research work and experts' opinion.

​Now-a-days, we often hear the following- a) the global socio-economic landscape is changing fast- much faster than anyone would have comprehended even half a decade ago; b) Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity-VUCA, is the new normal and c) the Indo-pacific-region is the new global growth engine and is playing a significant role in establishing the new world order. 

On a regular basis, new issues and challenges are emerging that the business leaders, policy makers and others in the field were unfamiliar with in the past. Global bodies, strategists and change-makers are ever exploring ways to manage the dynamism while stabilising the present and securing the future.

In the given context, it has become a necessity for intellectuals and experts to come together and initiate a discussion to address the pressing challenges and pertinent issues that are impacting the 
Manpower & Labour Market | HR & Business. Experts Forum is Aei4eiA's initiative - a confluence of experts from academia and industry to regularly discuss, share views, think and act on above matters through short and succinct snippets.

Aimed at strategists, policy makers, scholars, academicians, HR and business leaders, the
 key objectives of this forum are-
a) To initiate discussions on issues and challenges facing the region (with a focus on Australia, India, Singapore (AIS) and broadly global matters impacting the APAC region).

 b) To generate a repository of expert views/knowledge on matters related to Manpower & Labour Market | HR & Business and 

c) To collaboratively contribute towards sustainable development.​


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