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Mr. Chandan Panda

Founder & Director 

ShopExp Pty Ltd


Chandan has more than 14 years of experience in IT/Digital sector. Coming from a software developer background, he eventually moved to Digital Marketing and E-Commerce role in the retail sector. He is passionate for everything digital and new and advanced technologies in the retail sector.

Innovating Smart Mirrors For New Shopping Experience 

As we are nearing the end of another decade of 21st century, we see machines everywhere and that have never before been bigger and ubiquitous. Machines are an integral part of our lives, some built for good and some not so much. 

We at ShopExpbelieve, machines should not be built to replace humans but enhance human interactions. The idea of ShopExp was born during Online Retailer Conference & Expo 2018- Australia's leading e-commerce event highlighting disruptive, innovative retail models and cutting-edge technologies. During the conference, we heard everybody talking about online vs bricks and mortar stores and the worries about the stores competing ways of operation. It was then, we decided to come up with something that would benefit not only the consumers but also the retailers - be it online or bricks and mortar/traditional operators. 

Our innovative digital smart mirror for a unique retail shopping experience

According to a recent statistics, in Australia, we have a collective $23 billion worth of unwanted clothing that have been purchased by impulse but later have been found unsuitable to wear. Therefore, we at ShopExp came up with Digital Smart mirrors for not only a unique shopping experience but also to save money and wardrobe space, while offering a first digital shopping experience of its kind in Australia, to the consumers. There are two mirrors- one for the face and another for full body that allows potential customers to ‘try on’ clothes, makeup, jewellery and even eye wear, virtually.

This is not only a mirror, but also a three dimensional, mobile digital pop-up store. For example, even if a retailer does not have a physical presence at a particular shopping centre, they may just opt to have a few of these mirrors and a variation of clothes and different sizes, and people can ‘try’ them on (virtually) and purchase from them directly. This will thus cater for both online and offline (traditional) retailers, and drives online customers in-store, and in-store customers online.

Though similar systems already exists outside Australia, we have brought in a lot more innovation to this which will let the retailers digitise their complete store experience. Come September, our ShopExp digital mirrors will be trialed by one of the largest retail party supplies companies in Australia, as part of their Halloween shopping experience.

How can retailers benefit

Retailers can provide a futuristic new age shopping experience which is what is lagging now in the retail sector. These mirrors can be used anywhere - trial rooms, in-store, storefronts,  railway stations, airports, shopping centers etc.

Using motion detection and Augmented Reality (AR) techniques, these mirrors are being designed not just for users to try on virtually but turn a bricks and mortar store into a new age digital store. Retailers can now give access to the whole inventory to the customer at one place, even for inventory that is out of stock. So, users can still try on clothes that are not in stock and purchase, to be delivered to their home or keep on layby.

In conclusion 
We firmly believe that right machines can give the customers the right kind of customer service and experience that they demand in this new era of digital world.

It’s time we do not shy away from Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies- as that is where the millennials and key consumers are headed towards. Keeping up to the consumer demands and to stay in the competitive market, companies are bound to use machines and this is something that should be welcomed by all.

It’s time we give the machines a human touch, after-all machines are built by humans.