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Leveraging 'People' Power of Sustainability

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Dr. Harish Pant,

Managing Director,

Hampson Industries Private Limited.


Changing landscapes of cross-border trade and people-to-people links

The geopolitical landscapes are changing fast. The very proponents of free trades are considering protectionists measures. Brexit awaits tough negotiations with Europe. In this challenging economic landscape, geo-political defence and cyber security has become each country’s business. Rogue, hostile and terrorist supporting economies, financed and indirectly or directly supported by major economies, have added to the dynamism. Countries are getting heavy with regulations to save their money, people and Jobs. 

​Amidst the above, we see another dimension too- disruptions across industries and economies. Technology is making possible the coexistence of centralised with the decentralised, distributed with integrated, one with the billions.  Various social and economic platforms make it possible to connect all stakeholders at a fractional cost, anytime and anywhere. Here, it’s a frictionless world without boundaries running seamlessly 24x7, criss-crossing the nation beyond religion, caste and creed and age (barring where government restricts the access). ​Old structures and processes are crumbling in these onslaughts of disruptions and people are trying to make sense of these and subsequent ways to manage this VUCA world - Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world. Days of linear economics are over. We will need deeper understanding of how this hyper connected world of the future works.

​Imagine if each one of us had to earn three currencies, instead of one. One, Green Currency wherein we positively impact the planet; a Social currency wherein we provide for employment and service for other humans; in addition to usual Economic Currency ($). Social and Environmental currency earning must take precedence over the economic one. ​I see emergence of new leaders as Chief Convergence Officers who would lead the organisations for Social, Environmental and Economic Impacts. This will lead to holistic growth. Let Human Intelligence (HI) combine with the Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create wonders.   ​