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Leveraging 'People' Power of Sustainability

Harish Pant, Managing Director, Hampson Industries Private Limited.  

Top Management Global experience of more than 31 years spanning American, European, Japanese and Indian work cultures. Extensively worked through out India in three major sectors viz. Aerospace, Automotive and Steel namely HAL, Maruti Suzuki, GM and Jindals. New passion – Sustainability.

Distinguished Member – Leaders Excellence, Harvard Square, Council Member - Gerson Lehrman Group USA, Member – Treasury Elite, Director and Global Mentor (SCNext ISCEA), Mentor, Evangelist, Poet, Author, Blogger, Columnist, Key Note Speaker, Expert Panel Speaker and Guest Lecture.

Awarded with Outstanding Corporate Award – Manufacturing by MTC Global Award for Excellence: 2016.

Awarded with Mother Teresa Excellence Award, Immai Operational Excellence Award and Award for Industrial Development.

Honorary Member and Regional Evangelist for 3E Innovation Global. Mentor FHS Idea Lab for Startup Business Acceleration

Email:, Linked in, Twitter @h_pant

HR FACTS to Excel!

 We not only want to win a hundred-meter sprint of every quarter performance but also win sustainability marathons. We not only want to compete locally and globally but also equip ourselves to make sense out of disruptions and innovations in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) World.

We want to not only manage our processes and systems to the new bench marks but also create collaborative platforms to quickly scale businesses to remain relevant. Highly connected world of things and humans; artificial intelligence and digital world; advent of service chains and social sensitive environment are having dynamic and multipronged impacts on every aspect of all businesses.

Who makes it all happen? 
Middle meddling maddening has to give way to cool performance in a vibrant human echo system. While we embrace new, we need to drop the old baggage completely as we move to next designed world of our making: processes, structures, systems etc. This has to be done with alacrity and urgency.

As we move from known and routine world to unknown and future world, codes of human resources are to be written in newer languages for achieving the desired business impacts. 

The highest virtues of humans are Consciousness, Conscience and Change: 3C. These virtues can be invoked in the organizations through a culture based on FACTS.

F - Flexibility; A - Authenticity; C - Care; T - Trust; S - Shine

Flexibility to change anything and everything while still imbibing structure and processes for scale, is critical for business sustenance and growth. Department boundaries are becoming nonexistent and specializations and expertise available in the organizations have to be leveraged and aggregated to a platform level for creating seamless service chains. Many organizations will not be existing because of rigidity they could not overcome.

Authenticity is critical for any organization as your brand talk has to have the desired impact. Cut all the crap of pretending throughout the organization to save time and effort for all to create value for organization and customers which is one of the most motivating factor in the world.

Care is that subtle thing which even a toddler understands. Deep care brings commitment which is very crucial for excellence in any human endeavor. A culture of care means understanding various human dynamics and finding solutions to not only solve the issues in hand but to evolve organization to the next level.

Trust can't be replaced by any process and systems. More we live in VUCA world, we need more trust to instantaneously deal with ever changing landscape. As we imbibe diversity, embedding trust becomes everyday play.

Shine is that sunshine bestowed by an organization which helps to realize individual and collective potential to not only make work meaningful but also strive to connect with higher purpose in life.

The FACTS requires HR Leaders to engage all stakeholders and entire leadership team to create a culture of collaboration to make it happen. CEO has to lead this journey by example.

The above need to be supported with the other HR Facts (performance matrix) realized through sound HR Processes and systems. 

Consciousness, Conscience and Change: 3Cs will transform individuals lives and organizations both!

Let’s start with FACTS!