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Aei4eiA ObSeRvE

Our business humour corner providing unique solutions to workplace issues and challenges. We love to ObSeRvE ‘People’ in the Workplace & Society. Laugh with us or be annoyed with us but you can't ignore us!

May/June 2019: Future Bright: The Art of Forecasting (Part 1)

Darjeeling Tea Trade

Our unique mission of bringing authentic, pure, organic, single origin, single estate, Darjeeling tea to discerning tea lovers in Australia. Maya of Australia ®, our brand of fine Darjeeling tea was thus born. Here's [more...]

Aei4eiA ResearchOur research and publications prompt intellectuals, policy makers, business leaders and curious minds to think and act. We regularly publish Experts' Forum- a confluence of experts from academia and industry to discuss, share views, think and act on contemporary matters related to Manpower & Labour Market | HR & Business...

Aug 2019 Issue Experts' Forum- Humans and Machines

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Our Areas of Focus & Expertise

# Maya of Australia® Organic Darjeeling Tea (a brand of Aei4eiA),  reached the 52nd 
Asian Development Bank (ADB) Annual Meeting (held from 1-5 May 2019) in Fiji! (More)

Aei4eiA®, is an Australian company focusing on 'People' and 'Sustainable Development' matters. 

We are into socio-economic research, commodity trade (Maya of Australia-Organic Darjeeling tea) and Indian arts (Maya Indian Arts)

​We believe in translating our researches into action.  

The company also has a strong focus on bringing Australia and India  closer together through trade, research, advocacy and innovative initiatives. Here's more about our [Australia-India Wing].

We believe, Small is the new Big. Slow & Steady is the new Fast.... Here's [More].

Maya Fest 2019

Authentic Indian Art

Maya Indian Arts (a brand of Aei4eiA®), evolved from our social initiative ‘Maya: Indian Women Through Indian Art’. Here's [more] about the Indian Art Story! 

Maya Emporium

Welcome to Maya Emporium TM : Aei4eiA® opens first of its kind Darjeeling Tea and Indian art gallery in Australia

Here's [our story

Now Showcasing: The Brides of Bengal

Welcome to: Maya Fest 2019

The name Aei4eiA                            is derived from the Greek  word  'Aeiforeia' meaning sustainability.


Quick Thinks

"Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have"- Margaret Mead.

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# Let's Warli: Togetherness in Action!

Here's [more]

Aei4eiA ObSeRvE
Let's Warli- Togetherness In Action