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Our business humour corner providing unique solutions to workplace issues and challenges [More].


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Bringing Australia and India closer through trade, evidence-based research, advocacy and innovative initiatives [More].

Aei4eiA is an Australian company focusing on 'People' and 'Sustainability' matters. We believe in translating our research into action.

With our 3As approach (Analysis, Awareness & Action), we help businesses, organisations and policy makers better understand market dynamics, identify new opportunities, increase stakeholder satisfaction and attain sustainability objectives.
We believe,
Small is the new Big. Slow & Steady is the new Fast.... [More].

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Social Justice & Humanity December 2017.

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Manpower/Labour Market/HR/Business Research

Our research and findings on manpower & labour market, HR & business [More].

# Our brand Maya of Australia® is now a registered trademark in Australia [more].

# Aei4eiA® is now a registered trademark [more].

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Our research and publications prompt intellectuals, policy makers, business leaders and curious minds to think and act [More].

The name Aei4eiA                            is derived from the Greek  word  'Aeiforeia' meaning sustainability.

Maya: Indian Women Through Indian Art


Aei4eiA's Research Snippets

"Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have"- Margaret Mead.

​​Sampoorna: The Brown Beauties of NSW Revisited 2018- An Aei4eiA initiative suported by State Bank of India (SBI), Sydney Branch to conduct socio-economic research and  spreading the knowledge on financial literacy.  [More]

Darjeeling Tea forays into Australia. Welcome to our Maya Tea World [More].

# Aei4eiA's Research Snippets 

  Experts' Forum- Let's Talk Business: Experts' Outlook 2018 

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Advocacy and Campaigns for the causes we care for [More].

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We love to ObSeRvE People’ in the Workplace & Society- Experience The Experience Feb 2018

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