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Aei4eiA ResearchOur research and publications prompt intellectuals, policy makers, business leaders and curious minds to think and act. We regularly publish Experts' Forum- a confluence of experts from academia and industry to discuss, share views, think and act on contemporary matters related to Manpower & Labour Market | HR & Business...

Apr-May 2019 Issue Experts' ForumThe Essence Of Branding 

Aei4eiA ObSeRvE

Our business humour corner providing unique solutions to workplace issues and challenges. We love to ObSeRvE ‘People’ in the Workplace & Society. Laugh with us or be annoyed with us but you can't ignore us!

Mar/April 2019: Customer (S)Care  

Darjeeling Tea Trade

Our unique mission of bringing authentic, pure, organic, single origin, single estate, Darjeeling tea to discerning tea lovers in Australia. Maya of Australia ® our brand of fine Darjeeling tea was thus born. Here's [more...]

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Our Areas of Focus & Expertise

# Maya of Australia® Organic Darjeeling Tea (a brand of Aei4eiA)  reached the 52nd 
Asian Development Bank (ADB) Annual Meeting (held from 1-5 May 2019) in Fiji! (More)

Aei4eiA®, is an Australian company focusing on 'People' and 'Sustainable Development' matters. 

We are into socio-economic research, commodity trade (Maya of Australia-Organic Darjeeling tea) and Indian arts (Maya Indian Arts)

​We believe in translating our researches into action.  

The company also has a strong focus on bringing Australia and India  closer together through trade, research, advocacy and innovative initiatives. Here's more about our [Australia-India Wing].

We believe, Small is the new Big. Slow & Steady is the new Fast.... Here's [More].

Now showing at Maya Emporium-Aristocratic Kangra Art and Indigenous Warli Art

Authentic Indian Art

Maya Indian Arts (a brand of Aei4eiA®), evolved from our social initiative ‘Maya: Indian Women Through Indian Art’. Here's [more] about the Indian Art Story! 

Maya Emporium

Welcome to Maya Emporium TM : Aei4eiA® opens first of its kind Darjeeling Tea and Indian art gallery in Australia

Here's [our story

Now Showcasing: Nature & Natural: Contrasts & Commonalities- Aristocratic Kangra art & Indigenous Warli art

The name Aei4eiA                            is derived from the Greek  word  'Aeiforeia' meaning sustainability.


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"Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have"- Margaret Mead.

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# Let's Warli: Togetherness in Action!

Here's [more]

Aei4eiA ObSeRvE
Let's Warli- Togetherness In Action


Leveraging 'People' Power of Sustainability