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Social Justice and Humanity

Social Justice is a significant issue affecting businesses and society at large. Moreover, in this contemporary period of global uncertainty and corporate fragility, Social Injustice will have a devastating effect on sustainability of businesses. Social Justice is as relevant today as it was in the past.
Social Justice and sustainability are closely related.Social Injustice is a result of systemic inefficiencies involving many individuals and organisations engaging in dishonest dealings at multiple levels (individual, organisational or societal) - leading to mediocary or what economist and Nobel laureate George Akerlof named as ‘the market for lemons’. If not handled on time, mediocracy is followed by lower productivity and collapse of the entire system.
On the other hand, businesses and organisations practicing Social Justice paves the road to meritocracy leading to higher productivity, profitability, business excellence and sustainability. Social Justice- It is Just.
Let there be Justice For All.

Here are few of our recent campaigns on the cause of Social Justice and Humanity- [More].


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