Sampoorna is an ancient word of Sanskrit origin which literally means Completeness or Entirety.

The Sampoorna report is a well-researched and logical sequel of The Brown Beauties of NSW published in 2015. Sampoorna takes the research a bit further by not only collating the demographics and researching the socio economic angle, but using this research to make a concrete effort to spread financial literacy. This is where the role of State Bank of India comes into picture.

 Indians are the second largest group of migrants currently residing in Australia. As of 2016, the population of Indians is 455,389 which constitutes for 1.9% of the total population of Australia.  The state of New South Wales remains as the second most populous state with 143,459 Indians. According to Australian Bureau of statistics, most of the Indian women are well educated, qualified and speak English fluently. Yet, one in four women has no employment and depends on their spouses.

Sampoorna report endeavors to give the right direction to this effort where both Aei4eiA lead by Dr. Jayantee Mukherjee Saha combines its efforts with SBI Sydney to give this an all new shape.  We at State bank of India, Sydney are happy to encourage this initiative and impart the necessary financial literacy to this migrant women community from such a well-recognized platform.

It has been rightly emphasized that Women’s Economic Empowerment is one of the key factors for society to prosper, without which the society would be deprived of true development. This concept is beautifully depicted in the cover page of the report. It brings out the magnanimity of the women as the creator and preserver of this generation.

Upon shifting to a new country, migrant women are faced with many challenges such as merging into new Society and Culture and are affected by the lack of work fronts in their specialized domains and barriers in labor market.

Migrants with limited language skills or low levels of literacy and numeracy can face barriers in the way of accessing financial products when they are uncomfortable speaking the language of their host country or using the technical language of finance.

One of the most important enabler for a migrant woman is to be aware of Financial Literacy. To put it in simple words, Financial Literacy is the ability to understand financial concepts and applying this knowledge to make better financial decisions.  This way, women can make better financially viable decisions for themselves.

Networking seminars can help to meet new people and learn many things about interviewing and presentation. Networking helps to find hidden jobs. There are numerous organizations that support the well being of migrant women. Such organizations help in advancing migrant women’s social, economic and cultural participation through several empowerment programs.

Aei4eiA has come forth with a very pragmatic idea of creating a report which will be a great enabler for many organizations who want to support The Brown Beauties of Australia. This report not only provides an insight to the virtually untapped potential of this better part of Indian diaspora in Australia but, will also be in many ways helpful to them in realizing their true potential.

Pranay Kumar
SBI, Sydney


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Sampoorna- Foreword