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Foreword: Dots 2 Art

Exploring Indian Madhubani Art From The Backyard Of Australian Dot Painting

Madhubani (Mithila) art is one of the ancient and significant art forms of India. On one hand, it portrays cultural richness that is embedded in Indian civilisation while on the other hand, it is a testimony of the role played by women in Indian society to safe keep and nurture the values, ethos, customs and intangible heritage.

We are glad to have commissioned Aei4eiA for this very interesting and insightful project- ‘
Dots 2 Art: Exploring Indian Madhubani art from the backyard of Australian Aboriginal Dot Painting’. As the title suggest, through this work, we are now able to connect the dots with reference to the possible confluence of two ancient and totemic art forms- Indian Madhubani art and Australian Aboriginal Dot painting. This work has certainly enabled us to better understand and appreciate the connection that India has with Australia while helping to further strengthen our bilateral bonds……

 May I also congratulate
Dr. Jayantee Mukherjee Saha, Director, Aei4eiA for producing this important body of knowledge and for her efforts in engaging relevant stakeholders from both the countries to facilitate knowledge and cultural exchange. This will essentially help promote interest and mutual exchange of thoughts on the subject.

…..Finally, I must emphasise that India is a land of wonders. Not only the country has ancient arts (like Madhubani art) in its treasure, but also awe inspiring natural landscapes of the Himalayas, beaches, forests, architectural marvels (like the Taj Mahal, the Buddhist monument at Sanchi, Sun temple at Konark, Jantar Mantar, Jaipur), delicacies, spectacular mix of people and amazing amalgamation of traditions with modernity. It offers something for everyone to discover, experience and enjoy, each day of the year.
And, on behalf of India Tourism Sydney (Ministry of Tourism, Government of India), I look forward to welcoming all to Incredible India- the ancient land of advanced civilisations…..”.

Mrs. Kanchan K Kukreja,
Assistant Director
India Tourism Sydney
(Ministry of Tourism, Government of India).


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