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Professor Chris Rowley              GradCIPD, BA, MA (Warwick), DPhil (Nuffield College, Oxford)

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Some Implications for People Management of Brexit:
Quick Reflections on the Common Scenario

In the immediate Brexit vote aftermath too many so-called serious reports are being let down by the lack of serious and balanced research and grounding. For example the throw-away line of many aspects of UK employment law stem from EU legislation does a great disservice to earlier generations of workers, trade unionists and politicians and policy makers, as well as some current ones, who fought for workers rights in areas from greater equality in terms of race and gender to minimum wages.

Therefore, they are often not a serious analysis of Brexit’s possible impacts on employees as they fail to recognise five key matters. First, employment related laws existed before EU membership. Second, other employment related laws were not EU-led. Third, much depends on the Brexit agreement in terms of continuing to apply EU employment regulations. Fourth, some of the employment related laws stemming from the EU are now embedded in the reality of the actual practical operation of UK people management. Fifth, the EU has not protected worker exploitation, such as via zero hour contracts. Together these points indicate that actually there can be a cogent argument that there may not be great changes in this area.

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Professor Rowley, GradCIPD, BA, MA (Warwick), DPhil (Nuffield College, Oxford) was the Inaugural Professor of Human Resource Management, Cass Business School, City University, London, UK. He is also Visiting Fellow, IAPS, Nottingham University, UK and Adjunct Professor, Griffith University, Australia.

He was the founding Director of the Centre for Research on Asian Management, Subject Leader (2005-13) and won several international grants, including from the British Academy (2003, 2004), an ESRC/AIM Overseas International Fellowship (2004-12), RCUK Academic Fellowship (2006-11), Taiwan Ministry of Education, Distinguished Scholar Award (2008) and Korea Foundation Fellowship (2016). He was twice (2006, 2011) awarded for ‘Outstanding Contribution to Reputation and Impact Through Research’ and has won prizes for research and publications at Cass (FT list) and internationally. He has examined over 30 PhDs internationally.  

He is Editor of the SCI (and ABS) rated leading academic cross-disciplinary journal, Asia Pacific Business Review (Routledge) and also the Journal of Chinese Human Resource Management (Emerald) as well as Book Series Editor of Working in Asia (Routledge), Asian Studies (Elsevier) and Asian Business and Management Studies (World Scientific Press) and serves on many journal Editorial Boards. He collaborates with a network of international colleagues and has published widely, with over 600 journal articles, books and chapters and other contributions in practitioner journals, magazines and newsletters.

Professor Rowley has given briefings, talks and lectures at universities and companies internationally and has consultancy experience with unions, businesses and governments on a range of topics, including cultural awareness, diversity, leadership, knowledge management and employment and human resource management policy and practice issues generally and Asian business. He also writes regularly for and gives interviews and comments to:

1) International practitioner outlets: CIPD People Management, CIPD People Management Asia, CIPD People Management Middle East, HR Magazine, HR Legal Service, HR Matters, HR Bullets, Workplace Savings & Benefits, Employee Benefits, Changeboard, Recruitment Times, Raconteur, BPS World Resourcing Specialists, CMI Professional Manager, CFO Magazine, World Financial Review.

2) News services: Financial Times, FT Adviser, CBNC, Bloomberg, Financial News, The Guardian, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Independent, The Telegraph, The Evening Standard, Corriere della Sera (Italy), Japan Times, Shanghai Daily, China Daily, China Business News, Al Bayan Newspaper (Dubai/UAE).

3) TV and radio: BBC, Channel 4/ITV, China Radio International, American Public Media Radio and BBC Radio Live.


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