Leveraging 'People' Power of Sustainability

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We are farmers. We are soil managers and we happened to make some of the finest teas the world has ever sipped. Our tea factory, established in 1859, is the oldest in the world. Through our integrated efforts we implemented organic-biodynamic farming throughout the estate. We were inspired by Rudolph Steiner's biodynamic practices and believe that healthy soil is healthy mankind. The goal of biodynamic practices coupled with permaculture, usher harmony between soil, microorganisms, plants, animals and humans, and is a simple yet magical experience. In 1988, we became the first organic certified tea garden in the world.

Creating health in the soil in any farming community-releases sustainable impulses from the ground up.
Women form the majority of workforce in our industry. Women in any society bend their back the hardest and are always relegated to second class citizenship. Unless women are empowered no society can progress positively. Empowerment of women at Makaibari via simple innovative schemes, like the creation of a joint body of women since 1992, has ushered in awareness as a foundational stone that has been capitalised by building in this capacity. The fusion of awareness creation and its attendant capacity generates Character. And, where there is character there is dynamic growth.

We were able to inspire our neighbouring tea plantations to adopt organic farming and sustainable practices. Thus, the organic movement that we started at Makaibari spread across the area. Today,
Darjeeling is the only tea growing region globally which has 80% of her plantations certified organic.

Here we have been developing and nurturing a sustainable community that revolves around building a harmonious relationship with Mother Nature, for our children, for Darjeeling and for the planet.

we believe, all farmers are artists. Their palette is the earth, where they create their paintings with various seeds and animals, to produce food that sustains mankind. Come and visit us and imbibe in this magical experience!

Mr. Rajah Banerjee


Makaibari Tea Estate

Darjeeling, India.