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Tripura is the only state in India and one of the very few internationally, which produces a unique premium quality 'queen' variety of Organic pineapple. This premium organic produce also has a Geographical Indication (GI). GI is a form of intellectual property right that authenticates the quality of the produce and the place of origin.

Did you know: Tripura is home to the largest bas relief sculptures* in India- Unakoti. Literally meaning ‘One Less Than A Crore’, Unakoti is famous for its massive stone and rock-cut sculptures that have been carved out from the hillside dating back to the 8th or 9th centuries CE.

Did you know: The world poet and Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore had a close relationship with the four successive kings of Tripura. Notably, Maharaja Radha Kishore Manikya- a patron of learning, art and culture and who is regarded as one of the architects modern Tripura.

Tripura- The north-eastern Indian state is the most literate state in the country with literacy rate of 94.65%. 

Though majority of the population in Tripura are the Bengali Hindu people from mainland India, there are also 19 tribes in the state who live harmoniously in this beautiful, forested state of rolling hills and wilderness.

Tripura has a rich biodiversity. Did you know, more than half of its land is covered by dense forest and it has largest primate diversity in the country…

Tripura – referred to as 'the land of water’ is the third-smallest state in the country (India). The history of this state dates back to the ancient era -finding mention in the epic Mahabharata as well as in the edicts of the emperor Ashoka. Type your paragraph here.