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Darjeeling tea is the tea with best natural flavor and taste. Scientific research has also suggested that consumption of tea has the potential to reduce the risk of cardiovascular ailments, many types of cancer, arthritis. Apart from other advantages, it is also effective in controlling high blood pressure, high blood sugar and obesity.

first flush Darjeeling tea is unique as regards its taste and flavor. Though all flushes of Darjeeling tea has a unique taste and flavor but these two characters are strongly present in the first flush Darjeeling Tea.

Darjeeling is uniquely positioned in terms of its geographic conditions. Being a hilly area, no artificial irrigation is practised in Darjeeling tea gardens and there is a lot of dependency on rain water and global warming is a challenge for us. I think this initiative taken is appreciable and allows us all to think towards taking future steps for common good.

Mr. Mohan Kumar Chettri


Darjeeling Tea Association