We are delighted to announce that Maya of Australia ®,is now a registered trademark in Australia.

The Australian Government agency
IP Australia has accepted the trademark (under class 30) and on 19th July 2017 issued a registration certificate for the name.

'Maya of Australia®', is the brand of Aei4eiA Pty Ltd. associated with the trade of Organic Darjeeling Tea. It has a unique mission of bringing in authentic, pure, organic, single-origin Darjeeling tea to discerning tea lovers in Australia.

These teas are grown at an altitude of 3200 ft at the
foothills of the Himalayas in Darjeeling, India. The unique agro-climatic condition of the region contributes to its distinctive flavour and aroma which cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world.

Darjeeling Black Teas are known worldwide as 'Champagne of teas' and our carefully chosen ‘not bitter in taste, aromatic' Organic Darjeeling Green Tea is nature’s gift to nurture active & health-loving people.

Maya of Australia ®, is perhaps the only Australian brand to have collaborated with Darjeeling tea plantations (including the first tea factory in the world- Makaibari Tea Estates). Notably, Green Tea from the afore-mentioned garden was served to the elite guests at the Beijing Olympics 2008- symbolising the health benefits of this tea- which is extremely high in anti-oxidants.

The word '
Maya' is derived from the ancient Sanskrit word denoting 'the power in creation' typically 'symbolising women power'.

Women form majority of the workforce in Darjeeling's tea producing ecosystem and play a significant role in the sustainability of the industry. The sight of a mother (a tea-picker) holding a 'tea-leaf' while at the same time carrying her child in her pouch is a sight- that is quite common. And that, in a way exemplifies the nature/nurture bond. 'Maya of Australia' pays its respect to all those women working in the tea gardens while nurturing both their human child as well as the industry. It is in their nature to nurture and that help produce the best tea (both in terms of flavour and aroma) in the world.

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