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HR Transmutation In Today's Connected And Globalised World

The global socio-economic landscapes are changing fast- much faster that anyone would have comprehended even half a decade ago. Industries are evolving in this new phase while simultaneously being impacted by global risks that range from global ageing, structurally high unemployment/underemployment, severe income disparity, greater incidence of extreme weather events, nuclear accidents, to terrorism, cyber-attacks, infrastructure disruptions and data loss. These global risks of highest concern identified by the World Economic Forum are expected to be affecting the world in the coming decade. To sum up, retaining order amidst chaos and uncertainty- at the individual, organisational or country level will be one of the most desired characteristics of HR professionals who will have to operate day-in and day-out in the given scenario. In the light of the above the question arises, how are today's HR professionals equipped to deal with such challenges if not play a role as a game changer? Does that mean the role of HR need to transmute? This book on HR Transmutation is a forward thinking work based on current facts and future projections.

ISBN:  978-0-9945929-1-0.